Send a Veteran on a Rite of Return

At VeteranRites we measure life long impact one initiated veteran at a time, at 20% of the cost of just one year of conventional treatment of PTS. You can support a veteran with gear, sponsor a full welcome home, or become a catalyst by sponsoring an entire Rite of Return for ten to twelve of our nation’s warriors.


equip a veteran with gear or transportation $500

Compared to typical rites of passage programs, VeteranRites ensures all food, transportation, and required gear is covered for those that need it at our Rite of Return. This way our warriors can focus on what is really most import, their renewed purpose in the world. We have been honored to host veterans from every corner of the United States in our circle.

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sponsor a veteran rite $2500

It costs around $2,500 to sponsor prior service member to set a new intention for their life so they can share their unique gifts with the world. A Rite of Return is a force multiplier for conventional therapy and is often the only kind of approach that resonates for veterans living in uncertainty.

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be a veteran rites catalyst $30000

If you are interested in taking the VeteranRites program to scale by shifting the paradigm of veteran transition, you can become a referring or sponsoring partner for a complete squad of Veterans in your network, or personally sound the call for a team of warriors from all over the country to respond to.

Veteran rites is a registered non-profit (ein 84-2116162) with primary operations in WAshington State (UBI 604480416). Tax-deductible donations can be made via wire transfer, donated stock, and physical check.

mailed checks: veteran rites, inc. 2602 s 38th St, a134, tacoma, WA 98409. Memo: Acct # 237-175606-195

please email ryan mielcarek, executive director, at to discuss your investment in veteran healing. online donations will be ready to be deployed by fall, 2020. We deeply appreciate your support.